• Split

    Split is an eternally young town with about 200.000 inhabitants which give it a warm Mediterranean temperament. It has lived by its urban rhythm for 1700 years, with its heart in the Palace of Diocletian and it expects you wholeheartedly. From that time till now a millennial duration of the town under the protection of UNESCO and inscribed in the Register of World cultural inheritance is writing the history and the present age of the unique metropolis of Dalmatia. Famous historical monuments: The Palace of Diocletian on the foundations of which Split was born, with its 30.000 sq.m., represents a unique monument of antique building. The Palace jealously keeps alive a story of love of ancient times and Christianity, of the mausoleum which is nowadays the most ancient and the smallest cathedral in the world, on the Jove's Temple which was a baptismal font of Croatian kings, on Peristil which represents today the most beautiful stage in the world and of the town which represents a door of culture for Dalmatian region.